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I'm Anne. I'm a feedee and feeder. I love fat, especially my fat. The more fat the better.

You prolly suck tho, so

wildrose1207 replied to your post: He Just Said He Has a Pooping Fetish

I once met a guy who wanted me to use his mouth as a toilet. Grim! :/

About a year ago exactly I went on a date with an attractive FA baker.  Yeah a baker, thats like winning the feedee lottery.  He showed up so stoned he couldn’t carry on a conversation.  I like pot but you don’t show up retarded high on a first date. On top of that he smelled like he needed a shower two days prior.  Date two did not happen.  Months later I get text messages from a stranger.  It was him.  I told him why I never called him back; he was too high and smelled like BO and poop.  He told me he thought I was the smelly one and it was a turn on and he wanted to eat my ass because of my supposed stench.  

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  1. wildrose1207 said: Euw! I’m not sure what’s worse, the dirty ass fetish or the fact that he’s an unclean baker! Lol
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